Pfister Schiess Tropeano

Pfister Schiess Tropeano

Founded in 1980 the Zürich-based architecture firm now employs around 25 people. In addition to new buildings, conversions, and building conversions, the company's activities also include renovations and refurbishments, in particular of protected buildings. The office has been awarded numerous prizes, the most recent of which include the Spatial Planning Prize of north-east Switzerland for the inner city expansion project «Urbahn» in Schaffhausen (2014).

With the reconstruction and renewal of the Spinning Mill building in Zellweger Park, the architects have succeeded in creating a design that takes into account the high historical and design content of the final ensemble through careful historical and urban planning analysis. The importance of hydroelectric power is made visible by the museum's preservation of the former engine room, the new turbine in the turbine yard, and the existing watercourse. The high chimney with its stork's nest further contributes to the creation of identity.

Other successful projects include the conversion and renovation of the listed Villa «Reiff» in Zürich-Enge (2021), the townhouse development in Adliswil (2021) and the development of the «Bleiche» in Schaffhausen (2014) and many more.

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