Tadashi Kawamata

Drift Structure, 2010

Tadashi Kawamata (*1953):
«Drift Structure», 2010

In his artistic intervention for the Zellweger Park, Tadashi Kawamata realizes a floating bridge in the Zellweger pond. The wooden structure, made of beams, slats and battens is reminiscent of a beaver dam. It connects the north and south banks of the pond. The wide, arched wooden construction is not only intended to function as a profane connection between the two banks, but designed so that visitors can stay and linger on the platforms above the water. Kawamata created the bridge with the help of students. It is a sculpture with a clear architectural design language and at the same time has a concrete function, as is often the case with other works by Kawamata.

The Japanese artist Tadashi Kawamata reflects in his works social and societal conditions as well as the people who define them. He prefers to work in cities and with his projects explores the social structures of the particular location. Wood is the preferred material in Kawamata's work. The artist lives and works in Paris and is closely associated with the Walter A. Bechtler Foundation. He realised, among other things, the terrace and rock pool at the Hotel Castell in Zuoz.


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