Lutz & Guggisberg

«Werkhof» 2013
Walter A. Bechtler-Stiftung © Lutz / Guggisberg

Lutz & Guggisberg (*1968 / *1966)
«Werkhof», 2013

Andres Lutz and Anders Guggisberg draw from an immeasurable treasure of concrete material and inspiration. Their work, realised in 2013 and consisting of about 20 pieces, is located outdoors between two Gigon/Guyer residential buildings on a hilly lawn - fringed by native pine trees that breathe an alpine flair into the courtyard. The playful character of «Werkhof» naturally attracts children of pre-school age.

The possibilities for romping around in this corner of the Zellweger Park are many. There are small concrete walls and figures with handrails and handholds that can be climbed, fought over or avoided as obstacles. At one corner, a girl puts her foot on a ledge so that she can look through a window in the concrete wall. A long tube on the ground provides shelter for small animals on one side, and at the other end it is compressed like a trampled cardboard roll. There are round and angular shapes; concrete blocks that function as the heads of wondrous, animal-like mutants. The artist duo has placed a special focus on the surfaces of the individual sculptures: The «Spielgeräte» have perforations, on the flat concrete surfaces the imprints of the wooden forms can be seen, other parts were worked by hand and have natural, organic shapes. «Werkhof» is part of the wondrous world of Lutz & Guggisberg, which cannot be pigeonholed into common schemes and in which fiction and fairy tales intermingle.

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