Guyton / Walker

«Untitled» 2012
Hesta AG © Guyton Walker

Guyton / Walker (*1972 / *1969)
«Untitled», 2012

As if the table, as a memory of a legendary party, had never been removed from the entrance hall of Ronald Rohn's office building: The furniture, almost two and a half metres long and more than a metre wide, was tilted onto its shorter side - just as if the four legs of a Kafkaesque beetle wanted to embrace us. Wade Guyton and Kelley Walker's collaborative work is a testament to their preoccupation with signs and messages of the media industry. The top of the table features gradients of brown, grey, black and blue that extend into the four powerful legs. On the underside of the table, the advertising message of a Dutch vodka company can be seen, which was displayed on billboards throughout the USA in 2003: In the striking Bradley font, it reads: «Hello again Dear Ketel One Drinker». Both artists live in New York and are well suited for their work on the design and image culture and its consumer goods of past decades. The exploration of Minimal Art also resonates: The table is not a single piece. In the 2013 exhibition at Kunsthaus Bregenz, an entire group of individually designed tables was gathered on one floor, surrounded by colourful mattresses. As if art had also danced on the tables in Bregenz.

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